Accreditation Process

Steps in the Accreditation Process

1. The Commission on Colleges conducts an orientation for members of the institution's Leadership Team.

2. The institution prepares and submits its Compliance Certification and relevant supporting documentation (and annual institutional profiles) to the Commission on Colleges.

3. The Off-Site Review Committee reviews the Compliance Certification and supporting documentation. The Committee prepares a report of its findings for each institution it reviews.

4. The Commission staff orally communicates to the institution a summary of the report prepared by the Off-Site Review Committee. The institution may choose to submit a Focused Report in response to the committee's findings. The On-Site Committee receives a written copy of the Off-Site Committee's report and the institution's Focused Report, if one is submitted.

5. The institution submits its Quality Enhancement Plan to the Commission.

6. The On-Site Review Committee visits the institution to review and determine the acceptability of the QEP, to review areas of non-compliance and other areas of concern noted by the Off-Site Committee, and to review any areas of concern that surface during the visit. The On-Site committee submits its report to the Commission.

7. The institution prepares a response to the On-Site Committee's report and submits it to the Commission.

8. The Commission reviews the findings included in the report of the On-Site Committee and the institution's response and takes action on the institution's reaffirmation.